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Are you thinking about doing a bridal session? Yes girl, yes. Do it.

Not only was this a bunch of fun, but it was such a wonderful way for Katie to see the “full package” come together before wedding day. All of the details – jewelry, hair, flowers, and makeup – get a test run. Plus, you have time to break in your shoes so they don’t break you on the big day!

The benefits go beyond getting a sneak peek. Wedding days can be jam-packed and scheduled out to a tee, but these sessions offer a relaxed setting for you to soak it all in! You’ll get to experience new locations, and if you pick a public place like Katie did, you’ll get honked at, cheered on and congratulated the whole time. Nothing better to pump you up for the real thing!

 ^^^ See how fun everyone was during Katie’s bridal session?! What a blast. ^^^

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