About Us

We’re Emma & Daniel, a husband and wife documentary team. We both found ourselves behind the camera well before we met, so it’s a blessing and passion to work with you, together! We love capturing love, not only as a reflection of the One who first loved us, but also as a visual reminder of the love found in our deepest joys, biggest celebrations, and daily lives.

We’re into documenting (not over-posing) our clients! Of course we’re here to make you look good, but we want our pictures to reflect who you are, the person your loved ones see daily. By taking a more fly-on-the-wall approach, guiding instead of directing, and letting you be yourself, we’re able to capture authentic moments and real memories for you to enjoy!


Emma shoots with an artistic style and can always be found soaking up the details.

A past music junkie, front row at all her favorite shows, who now understands the beauty in a night at home! She’s a tall, craft-loving vegetarian.


Daniel has an eye for the bigger picture and is the technical guru behind Canvas & Glass. He enjoys helping people laugh and feel comfortable in front of the camera lens.

He enjoys world travel, obscure coffees, Back To The Future and old jazz vinyls.