Gary | 50th Anniversary | Gary’s Barber Shop

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Say hello to Gary the Barber. His family got together to celebrate his 50th anniversary in his career! That’s a big number. Can you imagine all the relationships formed, all the life talked about, and of course, all the fresh cuts given in those chairs? Imagine a time where his daughter worked in the same little shop with him as he passed along his trade. Imagine serving generations – a son’s first haircut with his dad’s favorite barber. It’s all worth commemorating – 50 dedicated years of passionately serving his family, friends, and clients, most likely turned friends. Congrats, Gary!



  1. First of all…❤️❤️❤️ The Bow Tie! Well, maybe not first of all. (But I do love it!)
    Those photos!!! Just perfect! Before you, I thought Floyd the Barber was IT. Nope, not anymore. Gary, you can honestly say you HAVE IT ALL! Congratulations for all you have to be so proud of.

  2. Luke and I loved seeing all these fabulous photos!!! What a legacy—-this needs to be on the News.
    Thanks for your strong witness of our Father’s faithfulness to those who love and follow Him.

  3. Great, great, great pictures – appropriate for a major milestone of a fantastic man!

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