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This past year ended unexpectedly for our family. Daniel’s mother, Aldena, passed away too young and too quickly after battling stage four breast cancer.
We miss her very much, but also, we are thankful for the complete peace and restoration she’s found in Heaven. That joy carries us as we’re faced with sadness here.

We took a break from Canvas & Glass work, but we’re excited to get back to documenting your families. We know even more now how important that is. Thank you for loving us through this time.
We’d like to leave you with a few words Daniel spoke about his mom at her memorial. 


“Aldena was a wealth of knowledge—highly intelligent and extremely efficient. She loved problem solving. She enjoyed discovering the puzzles in work and in life, and finding ways to fix them. She would often change the rules of the puzzle and arrive at an even better solution.
She was the embodiment of a mentor—always engaging in the lives of others and helping them navigate their way in work and life. She was a patient teacher, often repeating what she had taught multiple times if you didn’t fully understand. She wanted to make sure you “got it” completely.
She was deeply compassionate. You could clearly see the heart of Jesus in her. She listened with the intent of helping you through the storm. No matter the reason for the conversation, she always wanted to know how you and your family were doing. She made you feel like you were the only person in the room.
Her greatest strength was found in her love for God and those around her. It was completely evident in her life. To know her was to be loved by her. It made her heart happy to serve others, to see them succeed and flourish in life, and to then take what they had learned and do the same in the lives of those around them.”
In loving memory of Daniel’s mother, Aldena. 
These photos were taken just after Aldena diagnosed. We’d like to thank Knoxville photographer Kyle Axley for tag-teaming with us to create these memories.

Pictured: Allison, Alex, Little Leo; Aldena & Terry; Daniel & Emma


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